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Engineering of a Hand Pump Mold for the Consumer Industry

Prototype Plastic Injection Mold Prototype Mold 

FTM Engineering Group worked together with the customers’ development team on concept and product configurations, then designed nine (9) prototype plastic injection molds producing hand pump assemblies for the consumables industry. Upon approval of engineering concepts and feasibility, FTM Engineering Group designed all nine prototype tools in four weeks. The prototype molds were manufactured by Faith Tool & Manufacturing.

The FTM Engineering Group is poised to design, build, and produce prototype parts in as little as 5 working days dependent on the part complexity.

During the tool concept and development phase, our tooling engineers will anticipate production conditions and make recommendations to improve part function and durability. Our Engineers will work directly with your Product Engineers to develop parts that are functionally sound and moldable. Having a clear understanding of part function is critical in determining appropriate tooling requirements.

FTM Engineering Group will make recommendations for new parts, molding processes, & tooling specification. Our capabilities include evaluation and analysis of part geometry and the skill to pinpoint problem areas that can hinder the tooling and molding process. This allows us to reduce tooling and molding costs by producing functional low maintenance tooling. Effective tooling translates into optimum molding conditions.

Mold flow analysis – establish molding processes and improving existing conditions. Our mold flow analysis gives us the ability to anticipate potential processing obstacles which can hinder cycle times and part quality. Our Process Engineers are fully trained specialists in the scientific molding process and are able to diagnose symptoms and recognize cause.

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Highlights of this Precision Mold Making Project

Product DescriptionThese plastic injection molds are used to produce hand pumps.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Design/Product Development
  • Feasibility Studies
Industry for UseConsumer Industry
Volume9 Prototype Molds
Delivery/Turnaround Time4 Weeks
Standards MetCustomer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product NameHand Pump Molds

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